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PT-01 Ancient Treasure of China: Beijing – Datong – Pingyao – Luoyang – Dengfeng – Xi’an – Chengdu – Shanghai

  • Price from: 1245USD per person
  • Trip day:15 days 14 nights days


  Great Wall & Forbidden City in Beijing

  Yungang Grottoes in Datong

  Pingyao Ancient Town in Pingyao

  Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang

  Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng

  Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an

  Pandas in Chengdu



  Included in the price:

  * 2 soft sleeper trains: Beijing/Datong & Taiyuan/Luoyang (4 pax in one cabin)

  * 1 high-speed train: Luoyang/Xi’an – soft seat in second class

  * 3 star hotels, twin room with private shower and WC (in Xi’an we offer 4 star hotel for 3 star price, extra 115USD p/p for upgrade to 4 star hotels)

  * Daily lunch out of hotel (as detailed in the tour description)

  * Admission charges where applicable as shown in the tour description

  * English-speaking local guide

  * A/C tourism transportation in the program

  * Service charges for baggage handling between airports/train stations and hotels

  * Service charge and Government tax



  Not included in the price:

  * International or domestic flights and tax

  * Personal consumption

  * Visa fee

  * Tips for drivers, guides and hotel porters


  Airfare: Xi'an/Chengdu: 127USD p/p

  Chengdu/Shanghai: 300USD p/p

  Travel Agency Liability Insurance & Personal Accident Insurance


Payment should be finished four weeks before the arrival of the group.

Cancellation: You may cancel your confirmed booking, but this must be in written letter (email or fax). But if cancellation occurs after your confirmation to book the tour, or if you fail to pay the full cost of the tour within the specified time, you will be liable to pay cancellation charges.

Cancellation charges are as follows:

  • No less than 30 days before arrival: $150 per person
  • 30 to 15 days before arrival: $300 per person
  • 14 to 7 days before arrival: 60% of the full payment per person
  • 6 to 0 days before arrival: 100% of the full payment per person

 Traveler substitutions are considered reservation cancellations and are subject to the above cancellation fees. After the trip has commenced, we are unable to refund any amount for unused services due to your early departure, late arrival, or missed days on tours.

Refunding: If you have paid for the tour but then have to cancel it more than 15 days before the start of your tour, we will refund all the payment except the deposit ($300 per person). If cancellation has to be made within 15 days, we will charge some cancellation penalty as well as the deposit, according to how much we have to pay to our suppliers. We will try our best to decrease your loss because we know it's not your purpose to cancel it.

Day1: Arrival Beijing
Arriving at Beijing airport, our China representative will be at the airport to welcome you and transfer you to your hotel.
Overnight in Beijing
Day2: Beijing B/L
An unforgettable outing includes a visit to the wondrous Great Wall at Juyong Guan Pass, where you will have the chance to climb a portion of this 3,700-mile vista and marvel. Zigzagging from east to west along the undulating mountains, the Great Wall was built to hold off tribal invaders from the north. Its dramatic descends, steep ridges and narrow valleys will create a marvelous landscape for your camera. Return to the city, enjoy an outside view of the Bird’s Nests and Water Cube.
Overnight in Beijing
Day3: Beijing – Datong by train B/L
Today we will visit some of the contrasting sights of Beijing, our capital city. Our first stop will be at Tian’anmen Square, the largest public square in the world. Dominating the north side of the square is the massive red Tian’anmen Gate through which we will pass into the fabled Forbidden City and another age, where we will see the home of the members of the royal family and their court during China’s Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the afternoon take train to Datong, after 6 hours train journey arrive in Datong, check in the hotel.
Overnight in Datong
Day4: Datong B/L
Whole day tour Yungang Grottoes, which are ancient Buddhist grottoes near the city of Datong. It is one of the three most famous ancient sculptural sites of China. The others are Longmen and Mogao. In the afternoon visit Huayan Temple which is located on Daxi Street on the south western side of Datong City. This temple was built according to the Huayan Sutra Sect of the Huayan School and is unique in that it faces east instead of south. Next visit Nine Dragon Screen, is built over 600 years ago, is presently the oldest and largest glazed screen in China today.
Overnight in Datong
Day5: Datong – Pingyao by driving B/L
In the morning drive to Pingyao. On the way you will visit the Hanging Temple, is built precariously on sheer cliffs above Jinlong Canyon,the monastery dates back more than 1400 years. Its halls and pavilions were built along the contours of the cliff face using the natural hollows and outcrops. The buildings are connected by corridors, bridges and boardwalks and contain bronze, iron and stone statues of gods and buddhas. And visit the Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County is the earliest and the highest pagoda among the extant wooden-structure pagodas in China. Upon arrival in Pingyao, check in the Hotel.
Overnight in Pingyao
Day6: Pingyao B/L
One day tour of ancient Pingyao. After breakfast, visit the Ancient City Wall, which is in the middle of Shanxi Province, this is the best-preserved of the four ancient towns in China. Inside the intact Ming Dynasty city wall this traditional town, whose buildings date from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is exceptionally well-preserved, and just as it was centuries ago. Next visit The Mingqing Street, is the downtown thoroughfare and reserved quite well of the styles in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. After lunch visit The Rishengchang Exchange Shop, it was established in 1823. It was the biggest draft bank at that time and had been famous for "Hui Tong Tian Xia"(Business Connecting The Whole World). Last visit the Ancient City Government Office and Qingxu Taoist Temple.
Overnight in Pingyao
Day7: Pingyao – Taiyuan by driving & take night train to Luoyang B/L
Drive to Taiyuan. On the way you will visit Chang’s Family Courtyard and Jinci Temple, which is located 25 kilometers to the southeast of downtown Taiyuan City, Jinci Temple is a combination of historical cultural relics and beautiful landscapes. The welcoming boughs of a multitude of ancient trees provide an eye-catching entrance to the temple. Beyond this, the numerous halls, cabinets, pavilions and bridges are guaranteed to keep any visitor enthralled. Jinci Temple is world-famous because it is an ancient ancestral temple, something which is rare in China. In the evening transfer to train station to take the night train to Luoyang.
Overnight on the train
Day8: Luoyang L
Arrival Luoyang by train at late morning, meet the local guide and check in the hotel. After lunch, visit the world's art treasure, Longmen Grottoes which is one of the four Grottoes of China and World Cultural Heritages. From Northern Wei Dynasty to Northern Song Dynasty, the grottoes were continuously built for over 400 years. There are over 100,000 statues, 2,800 steles and 40 dagobas and 2,300 holes, so at least 2 hours are needed to appreciate these splendid artworks.
Overnight in Luoyang
Day9: Luoyang – Dengfeng – Luoyang by driving & take high-speed train to Xi’an B/L
Drive to Dengfeng to visit the world famous Shaolin Temple including Pagoda Forest, where you can also enjoy a marvelous Kungfu performance. Shaolin Temple is the cradle of the Chinese Zen Buddhism and the Shaolin Martial Arts such as Shaolin Cudgel. The Temple embraces many exciting attractions, such as the Hall of Heavenly Kings (Tianwangdian), the Mahavira Hall (Daxiongbaodian), the Pagoda Forest, the Dharma Cave and the Shaolin Temple Martial Art Training Center. Then drive back to Luoyang to take evening train to Xi’an, after about 2 hours train journey, arrive in Xi’an and check in the hotel.
Overnight in Xi’an
Day10: Xi’an B/L
Today set out for another highlight of your tour, the Terracotta Warriors Museum. The thousands of life size soldiers and horses were created to guard the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi, the first Emperor to unite China under his firm rule. The royal tomb itself has yet to be opened but the rank upon rank of Warriors is a sight that is unrivalled anywhere in the world. In the late afternoon stroll on Muslim Street. All shops and restaurants in the street are operated by Muslims. The stalls lined the narrow alleys sell almost everything you can expect. There are number of stalls selling small items of aircrafts.
Overnight in Xi’an
Day11: Xi’an – Chengdu by flight B/L
art of Tai Chi Chuan, a 300-year old traditional Chinese martial art, also known as shadow boxing. After breakfast you will visit the Provincial History Museum with its richest collection of artifacts in China. Next visit Small Wild Goose Pagoda Scenic Area which mainly consists of the Xi’an Museum, the ancient Jianfu Temple built in the year 684 A.D during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) and the famous Small Wild Goose Pagoda. The scenic area has become a wonderful leisure site for the appreciation of cultural relics, sightseeing and entertainment. Followed by strolling on Shu Yuan Men, which is an ancient-style street. Various crafts and arts are sold on this crowded street all year long. It is particularly famous for its collection of calligraphy. In fact, the market is popularly known as the "Calligraphy Street". A host of shops here carry the legacy of the ancient Chinese art. This art street is flanked by over 100 shops in the Ming and Qing styles, selling rubbings from stone inscriptions, paintings and calligraphic works by celebrities, and books of ancient seals. The high quality of this work wins many tourists at home and abroad. Take late afternoon/evening flight to Chengdu, check in the hotel when arrival.
Overnight in Chengdu
Day12: Chengdu B/L
Morning drive to visit the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base which is located on the mountain of Futoushan in the northern suburbs of the city, 18km away from the town center. The Giant Panda Museum is a unique museum set up for Giant Panda's in the world, it collects and shows fruits of human knowledge, review and research on the Giant Panda. Being in the list of Chengdu Historical and Cultural Protection Project, Broad and Narrow Alley is composed of broad alleys, narrow alleys and across alleys, among which, there are a lot of traditional courtyards, or quadrangle courtyards. After that take a strolling on Jinli Old Street is one of the oldest and busiest streets in the history of Xishu. As early as the period of Qin, Han and Three Kingdoms, it was known all around the country. This street, which is only 350 meters long, is a stage for the life in Chengdu, showcasing the features of it. You can taste the flavor of the old Chengdu by seeing the age-old street, official residence, folk residence, teahouse, inn, wine bar, stage and handiwork; you can have a taste of the authentic Chengdu flavor by having some local flavor snacks and local specialties.
Overnight in Chengdu
Day13: Chengdu – Shanghai by flight B/L
Take morning flight to Shanghai. When arrival Shanghai, you will be transferred to visit the Yuyuan Garden. Laid out in the 16th century by a Ming official, this small (2 hectares) garden is a delight of pools, pavilions and rock gardens. Strolling through the bazaar surrounding the garden, you will find lines of stores that sell traditional Chinese arts and crafts. Then Shanghai Old City which is visually charming despite its touristy character on weekends. Unlike in central Shanghai where many old buildings were demolished to make room for modern skyscrapers, those in Shanghai Old City were preserved or reconstructed.
Overnight in Shanghai
Day14: Shanghai B/L
Full day city tour includes the Shanghai Museum on People's Square with its fine collection of cultural relics. Next comes The Bund, one of the most famous thoroughfares in China and here you will see a collection of buildings dating from the 1930’s displaying their western influence and fulfilling the role of the commercial heart of Shanghai. After lunch visit Silk Factory. In the afternoon walk on Nanjing Road, At last visit The Shanghai French Concession, also known as French town, was a former foreign concession in Shanghai during the period of 1849 to 1946. It includes the area of Luwan and Xuhui District, which has always been Shanghai's most charming district.
Overnight in Shanghai
Day15: Departure Shanghai B
Free at leisure until transfer to airport for your return flight.