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Tony Deng
Tony Deng had been working as a professional English-speaking guide for 8 years in CITS before he became a director of tour operators and designers in 1995.He is the founder and owner of China Kindness Tour. Many years tourism career makes him professional to operate all kinds of tours and get on with tourists from western countries. He can speak fluent English, Chinese , some German and Japanese. His lectures on Chinese modern histories just like Culture Revolution, Chinese economical reform, Chinese politics, diplomatic policies, Chinese Civil Wars between Communist and Guomintong and Chinese military histories attract many westerners. His studies on Chinese minorities and histories are appreciated by all the tourists. He likes reading, history, music, traveling, taking photos and make different friends from all parts of the world.
Merry Wang
Merry had chosen English tour guide and secretary as her major course in the college. She can speak fluent English and Chinese and some Japanese. She likes reading, music, sports and traveling. When she was an college student, she often worked as the part-time guide during her vacations. She is very skillful and patient to take care all clients from different English-speaking countries. Tourists feel happily easy because of her kind smile and warm-hearted service. Since 2006 she has been working as a professional tour consultant in China Kindness Tour. Her patience and enthusiasm is appreciated by both of clients and business partners. She is fully confident to her tourism career in the future.N3Ttravel china beyond
N3Ttravel china beyond
Bernard Xiao
He had been an interpreter in an export and import trade company before he became a professional guide in 1992.His travelling experience in France is very helpful when he works in Tourism field. He can speak fluent French, English , Chinese and some German. He likes history, sports, music and traveling. One of his hobbies is to tell interesting stories to those pure children and play games with them. When he works as a guide with western tourists, he is loved by almost all the foreigners because he seems having endless interesting things about China to talk with the clients, for example, Chinese Gongfu, Fengshui, Chinese history and folk customs just as how Chinese use 12 animals represent the birthday years and personal characters, etc. He is a very good guide and tour operator.
kelly Hu
Miss Hu had got the Master Degree in Germany before she came back China and became a tour guide and operator 3 years ago. She can speak perfect German, English and Chinese. Her interests focus on Chinese history, culture and society. The experience of roaming Europe and Asia enables her to compare the cultural differences between the two Continents. The exchange of Eastern and Western ideas with tourists is the most favorable thing while she is with foreigners. She likes jogging, music, reading and taking photos. Her handwriting of Chinese characters is even appreciated by many Chinese people.
Juli Chen
She graduated from Xi'an Interpreting and Translation College and her major was German and tourism. She likes both professions of as a school teacher and an German-speaking guide. Even at present though she often go to abroad as a tour escort and throughout whole China as a national guide, she keeps teaching a small group of Chinese students German when she is free from work. Her class is called "Juli German Room". She likes music, history and dancing. She can speak fluent German, English and Chinese. She is a skillful and good guide.
Song Tao Tao's major courses of university in China was foreign languages and world history. He can speak fluent German, English, Chinese and a little French. He likes sports, reading, music and traveling. He is very good at getting on with different people in different countries. Now he works as a agent of our company in Germany and often traveling between Asia and Europe as a skillful escort.N3Ttravel china beyond
Hu Ning
" Enjoy what the clients enjoy and happy with the tours the clients are happy with...", Mr.Hu Ning's personal principle as an experienced German speaking guide makes him one of our diligent and competent staff for more than 14 years. With his rich travel and work experience abroad and throughout whole China, every Mekong cruise season Mr.Hu is busy accompanying groups roaming between Golden Triangle and Shangri-la, left best impression in every client's heart by his attentive, kind and helpful service. N3Ttravel china beyond
N3Ttravel china beyond
Aspirin Liu
Miss Liu accomplishes her bachelor degree of German literature in Xi'an,north China. Two years'experience being a German teacher during her university life. She works in China kindness Tour as a German speaking guide and tour operator since she graduated in 2008 She likes reading,writing,playing Guzheng and taking photos.She used to travel in Laos,Cambodia,Tailand, Singapore and so on.N3Ttravel china beyond
N3Ttravel china beyond
Elaine Zhao
Four years ago Elaine graduated from Kunming Metallurgy College and her major was English and secretary. She also interested in Vietnamese study. She likes reading, traveling, music, and swimming. Now she works for China Kindness Tour as an assistant tour operator and guide. She likes her work very much and is sure herself to become much more skillful and professional soon.N3Ttravel china beyond
N3Ttravel china beyond
Maggie Du
Miss Du accomplishes her bachelor degree of tourism management in Chongqing. Five year experience being an English speaking guide and 1 year experience being a French speaking guide. She works in China kindness Tour as a French and English speaking guide and tour operator since she graduated in 2008. She is optimistic, enthusiastic and reliable,She likes Reading, dancing, traveling and making friends.N3Ttravel china beyond
N3Ttravel china beyond
Leo Cui
Leo,since he graduated from Yunnan University of Finance and Trade, he has been a reliable English tour guide as well as a tour operator for 7 years. Chance favors the prepared mind---This is what he believes Music,History,Soccer,Railway---His favorite things! Bring you more happiness that is what I wanna do for you!N3Ttravel china beyond
N3Ttravel china beyond
Mandy Gong
Mandy Gong hopes to make tourism her lifetime career after several years’ working in different industries. She loves her present job as a tour operator. Arranging different people from different countries to different destinations makes her happy and fulfilling. She is a person full of energy, and she likes gardening, hiking, and travelling by bicycle. Her motto is “Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.N3Ttravel china beyond
N3Ttravel china beyond
Charley Xu
There is an old Chinese saying: "Read hundreds of rolls (books), and travel thousands of miles." he likes this saying very much. That's why he choose to work in the travel industry. When he was a student in high school and also at university, he took every opportunity to travel around in China . He had chosen English tour guide and management as his major course of the university. Charley can speak fluent English and Chinese and some Japanese. He likes reading, music, sports , traveling, mostly enjoys going back to nature, breathing the fresh air at the top of a mountain or walking on barefoot on the beach. To be proud of the long history of his country and want to share its beauty and history with friends from all over the world, he is proud to be able to help our guests from afar. Charley really hopes his service will bring each of you a joyful and memorable journey in China. N3Ttravel china beyond
N3Ttravel china beyond